Tennis Elbow & Chiropractic Treatment

Tennis Elbow is a problem for many people, not just those who play tennis.

Tennis elbow usually occurs when the tendons of the muscles that extend your wrist (i.e bend it upwards) become overworked and inflamed where they attach to your elbow. Golfer’s elbow is the name given to inflammation of the tendons that flex your wrist i.e the opposite movement. Normal treatment would be to use ice and massage to reduce the pain, stress and inflammation of the area. Maybe sports tape or an elbow support of some kind would be used

Tennis elbow caused by muscle weakness

The above can be helpful but what if the cause of the problem is muscle weakness due to poor nerve supply from the neck or due to some other source of nerve interference?

The root cause can usually be established by sophisticated Afferent Input muscle testing carried out in this clinic before the other traditional treatment methods.