Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Is the shoulder pain coming from the shoulder joint itself or being referred from the neck, upper back or somewhere else?

Let’s take “frozen shoulder” for example. This is often due to certain tendons (usually the rotator cuff) being compressed in shoulder movement leading to restriction (due to inflammation and pain). This can be followed by the shoulder joint capsule shrinking and.…the shoulder becomes ”frozen”.

What else can cause shoulder problems? 

A misalignment in the neck or upper back could be responsible for muscle weakness in that shoulder and so the tendons become compressed.

You can see how important it is to establish what is the chicken and what the egg and this is where Afferent Input Muscle Testing comes in.

Establishing the primary cause of shoulder pain

For “frozen shoulder” and many other shoulder problems it is vital to establish what the primary cause is in order to solve the problem and fix the shoulder.

Once the primary cause is found and corrected one can go on to use techniques such as massage, stretching and exercise to further alleviate the symptoms.

Robert also teaches patients Shoulder Symptom Modification procedures that are highly effective in improving shoulder conditions.