Poor posture can lead to pain & discomfort

Many people suffer pain and discomfort due to poor posture and it is something that is always examined at this clinic.

A typical example would be someone with a desk-bound job who works with a bowed upper back, head thrown forward and with their lower back slumped so that they lose the correct curves in their spine. The same can happen when driving.

What else can cause posture issues? 

Poor posture puts pressure on the joints and discs of the neck and back and the supporting muscles are subject to undue tension and stress. The result will often be pain as well as damage to the joints.

Leisure activities such as watching TV or playing computer games can provoke the same problems. It is really just a matter of changing habits and this can be learned so that the bad habits become good ones.

Muscle testing & chiropractic adjustments

Guided by accurate Afferent Input muscle testing, chiropractic adjustments can help to ensure that the postural (and other) muscles are properly activated.

This, combined with advice on how to sit plus exercises to strengthen the muscles that stabilise the spine, can really turn the problem round.

And don’t forget about Children 

Children often have terrible posture and this at a time when they are growing so their future shape as an adult may well be affected.