Knee pain can have many causes

In this clinic you will be given the common orthopaedic tests for the knee in order to rule out injuries such as torn cartilage and damaged cruciate ligaments. In addition all the muscles supporting the knee will be tested and any weakness identified. This is very important in order to resolve the problem and prevent any injury happening again.

The foot, ankle, hip, pelvis and spine are also closely examined as these all relate to the knee. The strength of the arch of the foot is especially important, as is the way that the foot falls in walking and running.

We will identify the root cause of your knee problem

The primary source of any weakness will be looked at with Afferent Input testing and these weaknesses will be treated first. Then the knee itself can be treated by whatever means is deemed necessary.

Additional treatment at this clinic could include ice, soft tissue release, taping to support or guide the movement of the knee amongst many other methods. Often exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the knee will be prescribed and footwear and orthotics will be considered.