Do you keep turning your ankle or does it just hurt?

I often examine people who say that they turn, twist or sprain an ankle painfully when they run or walk on uneven ground or in sport. They originally injured the ankle and it has been weak ever since because the “ligaments have been weakened”.

The ligaments may well have been weakened but it is less likely that the ligaments that are failing to stabilise the ankle, and more likely weakness of local muscles. If these muscles are not firing properly the ankle will remain vulnerable. The source of the weakness can usually be identified using Afferent Input Testing.

If you commonly have ankle issues or pain there is help available

Frequently I find that the muscles that support the ankle can be strengthened instantly by using gentle McTimoney chiropractic to align the spine correctly.

I can then retest the ankle muscles and if they test strong the ankle is likely to be more stable and robust. This is what Afferent Input Testing and McTimoney chiropractic treatment is all about and it is effective. Supporting treatments such as ice, taping and massage are also often used in this clinic.